Our Values & Philosophy


Dedication to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external clients. To get clients’ information and use it for improvements in products and services. To act with customers in mind, establish and maintain effective relationships with customers, gains their trust and respect and ensuring customer satisfaction.

To demonstrate passion for the customer and actively attempts to go beyond what is required in order to meet or exceed customer expectations.


Works really hard to understand customer, look at decisions through customers eyes, take personal accountability for customer experience.


Takes innovation as a way of life and demonstrate it as a discipline, capable of being practiced to meet & exceed the growing clients’ needs. Take risks, push what is possible. Look for improvement.

Living Inertia Values:

This is about everyone putting their values into action. Adheres to the set of core values and beliefs during both good and tough times; acts in line with those values; rewards the right values and disapproves of others in order to create maximum worth for the organization and its stakeholders.

Our Philosophy:

As a premium homebuilding company, we want you to have absolute confidence when buying a new home from us. That is why community stands at the heart of INERTIA. We strive to challenge conventional lifestyles and provide a higher standard of living to those people who join our “family”.

We aspire to create flawlessly designed developments that show our commitment to innovation and quality, allowing residents to feel at home from day one. By consciously selecting exceptional locations across Egypt, we deliver a lifestyle to our residents that suit them perfectly, putting their interests and needs first.

INERTIA is not just a developer; we go beyond that in the following aspects:


Choosing Our Projects

From the first moment INERTIA team identifies a potential development opportunity it goes through a process that is germane to creating the home-feel concept. In other words, we think about our clients from the moment we decide on a specific development.

Property Development

We don’t build projects we build homes. We nurture our properties in a manner that covers all-important living aspects; by the time we finish building the new homes they become close-knit communities.

Real Estate

To prevent any hassle to our distinctive communities we’ve decided to manage not only selling our properties but also to manage rentals and resale as well.

Pricing Strategy

We have a value-based outlook when it comes to pricing our homes. We make sure that our clients receive value that exceeds their expectations in return for their investment.

Local Community

We engage the local community to make sure it benefits from our developments; this is reflected in our all year round CSR projects.